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The solitary faeries avoid large gatherings, preferring to be left alone. Solitary faeries live and travel alone.

Usually you can tell the difference in fairies by the jackets they favored. The social fairies wore green jackets, while the solitary fairies wore red ones, but sometimes their jackets are brown or grey.

Solitary Fairy



Banshee BANSHEE (BEAN SIDHE): Fairy woman who protects ancestral Irish families and warns them of death by wailing at their window in the night.
Clurichaun CLURICHAUN: The surlier cousin of the leprechaun. Their primary responsibility is guarding a homes' wine cellar. If they are not treated well, they will ruin the wine and cause much mischief in the household.
Dullahan DULLAHAN: Headless horseman who carries his head underneath his arm. If he arrives at your door and throws a basin of blood at you it's a death omen.
Far Darrig Man FAR DARRIG (RED MAN): The far darrig  wears a red cap and coat, and busies himself by being the practical joker of the otherworld. Beware of him for he gives evil dreams.
 Far Gorta Man FAR GORTA MAN (FEAR GORTA): He is an emaciated phantom who goes through the land in famine time, begging an alms and bringing good luck to the giver.
(44 x 56 x 256) (3356 bytes) FEAR SIDHE / BEAN SIDHE: Men of the Hills and Women of the Hills.
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(47 x 73 x 32) (837 bytes) GONCONER (GANCONAGH, LOVE TALKER): Love talker, idler. He appears making love to shepherdesses and milkmaids. Smokes a pipe. He is a real loner, a solitary fairy who is the embodiment of love and idleness.
Leanhaun Shee LEANHAUN SHEE: Fairy mistresses who seek the love of men. If they refuse she becomes their slave, if they consent, they are hers and waste away.
Leprechaun LEPRECHAUN: The shoemaker who loves his pipes, shamrocks and his pot-o-gold. His main job is to protect the gold.
Pooka POOKA: A notorious trickster, shape shifter. Can take the form of any animal including horse, jackass, rabbit, etc.. Also has been seen as a goblin, bogeyman and in human form. The horse form takes the rider on a wild ride and shakes him off in the grey of morning.

Go not to the hills of Erin
When the night winds are about;
Put up your bar and shutter
And so keep the danger out.

For the good-folk whirl within it,
And they pull you by the hand,
And they push you on the shoulder,
Till you move to their command.

Dora Sigerson, The Wind on the Hills (1895)


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