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Sylvans are wild and volatile nature spirits. They are known to be evil and villous with red and black disordered hair. Their body is human overall, but they have animal ears and tails and, in some cases, animal legs and horns. They are pretty when children, beautiful and bestial when young, and horrible and hoggish when old. As their age increases, they become half-bald and their noses turn flat. At that point they believe to remedy such a ugliness by adorning themselves with thick beards.

Sylvans are formidable hunters. They are agile and swift and almost undetectable in thick vegetation. Their smell and hearing are exceptional.

Sylvans also like music and many play double pipe, syringe or reed-pipe, sometimes with snappers and tambour accompaniment. Some are very accomplished musicians: as in the famous musical challenge between sylvan Marsia and god Apollo. Many can magically affect all humans within a six-foot radius with their music. Those who don't successfully ward off a spell will be affected either by charm, sleep or fear all depending on the Sylvan's choice.

Commonly they are reputed to exist only of masculine gender, but this is due to the fact that female sylvans are hard at work at home and seldom venture out into the world.

They are malicious and usually hostile to men; sometimes they damage harvests, attack herds or use violence against women. They love a little too much wine as well as beautiful girls (Nymphs in particular) who try to avoid them. Sylvans have huge reproductive organs, are subject to easy stimulation, and are very lewd.

There are three Sylvan races:

Sylvan Faun FAUNS: These Sylvans are the most numerous and the most human-like: their bestiality is limited to general traits, pointed ears, and a long horsetail that starts from their loins. They are less hated by Nymphs than other Sylvans and also more clever in weapon use.
Sylvan Satyr SATYRS: They prefer forested mountains and are the most wild of all Sylvans. They have goat-like legs and horns and a thick hairy tail at their loins. Satyrs rarely carry weapons. If they have to fight, stones and staffs magically appear in their hands which they use with proficiency. Half man, Half goat. Bearded, sometimes with horns or goat's ears.
  SYLENS: These prefer grass fields rich with water and cool caves. They have horse-like legs and tails. Sylens use stones and staffs like Satyrs, however, they are more prone to use their hoofs while attacking.

What sounds are those that gather from the shores,
The voice of nymphs that haunt the sylvan bowers,
The fair-hair'd dryads of the shady wood,
Or azure daughters of the silver flood?



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