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Portune's are queer little wrinkled creatures with faces like old men. They wear long green coats covered with darns and patches, and are only found now in the depths of the country. If anything is to be carried into the house, or any laborious work needs to be done, they lend a hand, and finish it sooner than any man could. It is their nature to have the power to serve, but not to injure.

They are of a very small stature, not being quite half-an-inch high. They like to live on prosperous farms, and though some of them are barely an inch high, they can lift heavier weights than the strongest laborer.

Some consider Portunes to be demons or figures of a secret and unknown generation. They are known to the French as Neptunes.

It is their nature to embrace the simple life of comfortable farmers, and when, on account of their domestic work, they are sitting up at night, when the work is done and they're safely hidden away, they warm themselves at the fire, and take little frogs out of their pockets, roast them on the coals for their dinner.

They have, however, one annoying habit, in the middle of the night, they will often sneak up on unsuspecting horse riders and steal the reins so they can steer the horse into a ditch.


Portune - British Elf




The Portune gets great joy out of pranks like this and can be heard emitting a loud laugh as they disappear into the night.

Like the Brownies, they can be mischievous as well as helpful. A farmer once offended a Portune by speaking disrespectfully of his demeanor, and the next time that the good man rode home from market in the dusk, the little fellow sprang on to the horse's reins, and guided him into the bog. Both horse and man had to flounder out as best they could, and the farmer was careful from that point on to mind his tongue.

Portunes have not been spotted in several centuries and are thought to be extinct. Portunes were the oldest of all the English elves and brought good luck to the farmhouses they resided in. It is said that Portunes came to England by way of France. Playing harmless tricks on travelers was one of their favorite pastimes.

In old wives dates that in old time did live,
To whose odde tales much credit men did give,
Great store of goblins, fairies, bugs, nightmares,
Urchins and elves to many a house repaires.

Old English Poem


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