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This mudra is useful for enhancing mental capabilities. Regular practice over a substantial stretch of time helps in sharpening the memory, mental concentration and thinking process and in increasing the grasping/learning capacities. Several types of mental disorders are prevented and cured by consistent practice of this mudra. It is beneficial for those suffering from insomnia. Short-tempered and impatient people can also get soothing improvement in their nature.

The Sanskrit word “jnana” means pure knowledge. It is linked with sagacity and enlightened wisdom. That, which enables us discriminate between the right and the wrong and which shows us the light of truth, is “jnana”. Great spiritual endeavors (sadhana2) are required for attainment of jnana. The jnana mudra pertains to the yoga practices for such a sadhana2. Lord Buddha’s idols and pictures often depict his hands in this mudra.

Practice of this mudra smoothly increases the flow of blood-supply and circulation in the brain to help energize the neurons for instant action. This is how the jnana mudra helps in curing many of the brain related problems.

Only two fingers are used in this mudra; namely, the tip of the index finger and the top of the thumb are mutually touched. The other three fingers are kept apart in a straight position (see Figure 2). Its instant effect is felt as slow relaxation of mind; retaining it for long induces a soothing sleep-like effect. If one keeps one or both the hands in this mudra while lying on the bed, he often goes to sleep. This mudra effectuates a balancing commingling of the agni and the vayu tatvas.



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Variants: Gin, Gnyan, Guyan, Jnana..


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